Sunday, December 28, 2008

Laugh It Off

It's that kind of day, when the little tornado I call a son follows me around undoing all the cleaning I just did. The dog won't stay off the couch and is overly protective of the overly annoying squeak toy. I knew buying that toy was going to be a mistake, my bad.

There's nothing good on T.V. and there's nothing to eat. Sound familiar?

The hubby called to make sure I had the game on, he's already upset that he will have to miss 10 minutes of the game on his drive home from work. He asked me if he should bring anything home, yes - my sanity.

Oh, how cute am I? I'm miserable and I still got jokes! Well, I'm not all that amused at the moment. I'm still fuming about the pile of crushed crackers littered all over the floor I just vaccuumed. ALL OVER. When did he even have time to do it? I vaccuumed, I changed him, I took him upstairs to get cream for his diaper rash, I come back down stairs and there's the crackers, everywhere. The dog didn't do it. If it was the dog there wouldn't have been a single crumb left for me to find. Maybe we have a toddler ghost in the house. Spooky.

The dog is chasing the cat, turn around to break it up, turn back around to find that somehow my son managed to shrink everything on the computer screen so tiny that a magnifying glass couldn't help me read it. How did he do that? I haven't figured out how to make things bigger or smaller and yet in 2 seconds my 2 year old figures it out. I still don't know what he did. I've spent several minutes here just banging on the keys and playing with the mouse and nothing happens. Tricky little toddler.

Ya know, If this Mom gig came with umbrella drinks it would be a perfect paradise. As frustating as this day has been, now that it's all over I'm kind of amused. It wasn't until I was telling my husband about the terror the dog and the child had caused me today, when I saw his crooked smile trying not to laugh at me that I realized just how funny the day had actually been. Let's just hope tomorrow isn't a repeat!


  1. things are always funnier when ur bitching about it AFTER the dust has settled... :)

    my first post! (

  2. *hugs* Oh, I think all us mothers have been there a time or two or three or fifty thousand. ;) Just be glad you have a great sense of humor about it!