Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Walk the Line

There's a layer of snow and ice on the roads that the plows can't quite get up all the way and I can't help but realize just how important those lines on the road really are. I mean it seems simple enough, stay on the right side of the road, park parallel to the car next to you (leaving enough space to open the door of course!) and stop before the light. It amazes me how much trouble is caused on the roads from not being able to see these lines. I have seen cars that don't stop until they are directly under the light - ok so maybe they slide a little - and i have seen a two lane road made into a 3 lane road and vise verse. What amazes me the most is the complete inability to park in a acceptable manner. There is always that gap that just might be big enough for you to squeeze into without scraping the next vehicle, but do you really want to attempt it? And then when you do find a spot big enough that isn't out in Timbuktu, you pull in just to see that the person on one side parked incredibly crooked and there's no way that you can fit your car all the way into the spot. Is it really that hard to park? So hard that we just can't do it without lines? Do you really have to be able to see the arrow on the road to know that if you need to turn left, maybe you should be in the left lane? How dare that snow fall upon our world and throw our little hamster wheels off track! You would think that mother nature would have figured out that there is no such thing as common sense without instructions! It makes you realize just how important the line is in our society. Just think about what a jumbled mess the bank, or better yet - the airport, would be without those ropes. Imagine the fights that would break out at the deli if there were no line numbers. Imagine how long it would take for you to check out of Walmart, especially at Christmas time. It would be chaos with so many people, baskets piled high with toys all running each other over. Notice how people need a sidewalk in order to know that they aren't supposed to walk in the middle of the street? I mean it, communities that have no sidewalks also tend to have somebody walking in the road instead of on the side of the road? Isn't it sad how the lady on the corner had to get her yard fenced in so people would know to go around and not through her yard? Even hospitals now put color coded lines on the floor because people would still get lost if you told them to go up one floor and make 2 rights then a left. We humans just cannot function without lines! The line is sacred, and yet fire and the wheel get all the glory for being man's greatest creations!

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