Thursday, March 5, 2009

If Psychologists Ruled the World

If Psychologists ruled the world would it be a better place? After all, many people seek out therapists to find some calm in thier lives. Psychology encourages us to think critically and ask questions so lets do just that.

According to a video I watched for my Psychology class, the media shouldn't pressure men so much with things like "one-upmanship." Nevermind that it's in a man's (even a woman's) nature to be competitive. But oh wait, competition isn't good for us apperently, thats why when our children try out for school sports - everyone makes the team! Yay, what an achievment!

I don't know what or when it happened, but all of a sudden everyone is sensitive. Don't hurt thier feelings, they might become unstable! Maybe if people weren't so protected they would learn how to cope with thier feelings instead of flying off the handle and doing something extreme.

Maybe, when people do go out and do something crazy, they should be held accountable for thier actions. I think psychology has made up an excuse for every criminal out there. They never are just plain old guilty, usually there is some sort of stress, or disorder, or trauma (and the list goes on.... and on....). Everyone who's ever been stressed out say "aye". Anyone who's ever been emotional say "aye." Soooo, how many crimes have you gone out and committed? Most (I hope) will say zero. So why is it that Psychologists ("scientists"), are so willing to accept that people are not ultimately responsible for thier actions?

If you know the difference between right and wrong and you make a choice and act on it, are you not in control of your actions then? Is it really that hard a concept to grasp?

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